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We are a leading provider of Global Payment Solutions – offers organizations of every size, and across every industry and geography, a comprehensive suite of innovative electronic payment products that access the global financial network.  From payroll and commissions, personal and business travel expenses, procurement, voucher, loyalty, gift and incentive programs, student rewards, consumer rebates, airline and travel provider vouchers and buy here pay here financing, to split-tender and multi-currency payment options, the NxPay® payment platform provides a real-time web-enabled electronic payment software solution for consumers, merchants, direct selling organizations, independent sales organizations (ISOs), airline and travel providers and multi-national companies located throughout the world.  NxSystems™ has banking relationship in over 70 countries utilizing over 50 different currencies and offers Split-Tender Transactions, Pay Any Card™, NxPOS™  and Multi-Currency Transactions. NxSystems™ also have plans of implementing the bitcoin payment solution for the customers to trade in a more competitive manner. This global payment network integrates the payment , settlement in one blockchain based solution for all foreign currencies. Go through this page https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-superstar/ for further details.

Latest News

NxSystems™ Sponsors UATP Airline Distribution 2013™ Conference

Portland, Oregon, March 21, 2020 – NxSystems™, Inc. a leading provider of Global Payment Solutions, announced today it has entered into an agreement with the UATP™ to be a sponsor for the upcoming Airline Distribution 2013™ conference in Miami (April 16–18, 2013).

Airline Distribution 2013™ is an interactive conference where audience members can contribute to the discussion and meet face-to-face with many of the industry leaders who are solving or working to solve the complex sales and distribution questions facing airlines today. Many cryptocurrency leaders and experts will also be present to discuss the trends and issues that are doing rounds in the market. The UK, being one of the countries with a lot of crypto traders, has a huge number of crypto exchanges too. Traders can look for the best crypto exchange in the UK for 2022 rather than going with the old exchanges every year. The two-day conference showcases Airline CEOs who will present the challenges and lessons learned as they discuss the profitability of the future.

NxSystems™ will present to the airline industry unique products to help airline companies meet and exceed their fiscal goals, including: centralized budgeting, electronic global payroll strategies, crew expense cards and electronic vouchers.

With NxSystems™ electronic debit Payroll Card, global direct deposit payroll can be made in over 50 different currencies anywhere in the world, with payroll stubs being delivered electronically to employees.

NxSystems™ Crew Cards allow airline companies the ability to authorize and manage crew expenses while their airline crews are working all over the globe. Using NxSystems™ Centralized Budgeting program, airline companies can maintain crew expense funds in a central account (instead of on each individual card), with Crew Cards drawing against these funds.  Budgets can be set for each Crew Card on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.  In addition, the Crew Card can be authorized for expenses at select businesses (restaurants, hotels, etc.), allowing airline companies the ability to allow and manage crew expenses at predetermined locations.

NxSystems™ Voucher Cards are ‘instant issue’ prepaid debit cards that can be given to airline travelers to pay for meals, hotel rooms, or any other expense that airline companies desire to give to their customers.  The Voucher Card can be limited to select restaurants or hotels, or it can be open for travelers to use at their discretion.

The Airline Distribution 2013™ conference is being held at the InterContinental Miami, April 16–18, 2013.  Michael C. Busher, NxSystems™ Chairman, will be attending the conference and can be reached at [email protected].