NxPay® Payment Platform

NxPay Payment Platform NxPay® allows users to manage their real-time account activity from virtually anywhere in the world

NxPay® is a global real-time multi-user payment platform that manages multiple currencies

NxPay® is a multi-user payment platform that enables businesses to conveniently access real-time information in a secure environment, make and receive payments, manage prepaid debit cards, convert currencies from over 50 different countries and conduct various other forms of e-commerce over the Internet.

The NxPay® Payment Platform eliminates human intervention by automating ACH/EFT collection, electronic payments and prepaid debit card activity.

NxPay® features

• Online or electronic payment capability
• Real-time funds movement / settlement
• Multi-currency (over 50 currencies)
• Batch loading (or Excel spreadsheet loading)
• API capable (seamless connection to your website)
• B2B, B2C or B2E
• Payment Sweep (move funds automatically to your business bank account
• Supports prepaid debit cards
• Transaction and account management reporting
• SSL, CISP and PCI protocols (digital certificates electronically identify all parties)
• Global commission solutions for MLM or direct marketing companies
• Worldwide access

NxPay® provides an open platform

NxPay® provides an open platform that can support a variety of payment services and data interfaces, including an API function that allows NxPay® to be incorporated into any web site. With an API, NxPay® can service multi-currency online merchant processing transactions or electronic payment receipts.

All transactions conducted with the NxPay® Payment Platform are automatically logged, stored and managed in an internal database.  A variety of applets are provided that enable the user to search, sort and manage transactional data.  The user may interactively query the status of any previous or pending transaction.

Your customers will benefit from the NxPay® Payment Platform as well.  NxPay® allows consumers to manage the activity of their NxPay® account from virtually anywhere in the world.  By logging on to NxPay® Payment Platform, account holders will be able to see daily, weekly, monthly and annual transactional activity and account balances.The NxPay® Payment Platform includes a comprehensive suite of back office applications for customer service, transaction monitoring and system administration operations.

NxPay® operates in a secure environment, using SSL, CISP and PCI protocols.  Digital certificates electronically identify each party involved in each transaction, helping to assure that the party at each end of the Internet connection is who they claim to be.   Access to NxPay® is password defined.

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