e-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Services The growth of e-commerce and the expansion of outsourcing, and the remote workforce, are fueling a new approach to paying for services.

“The banking system is too slow and conservative for today’s modern business. And for that reason, businesses have a need for a system that provides instant payments”

— Ecommerce Journal

NxSystems™ uses the Internet as a medium for online business transactions.  In conjunction with the proprietary NxPay® Payment Platform ASP software, NxSystems™ combines the power of its payment platform, and the global financial network, to provide your business with the ability to direct electronic fund transfers and/or electronic payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Payment service providers (PSP) offer merchants online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods, including credit card, bank-based payments (direct debit, bank transfers) and real-time bank transfers based on online banking.

Your business can also connect its website to the NxPay® Payment Platform.  Utilizing an API (application programming interface), your customers can purchase products and services, or make payments to your business, in a safe and secure online payment system.  Once the funds are received into your NxPay® account, you can then decide on how you want those funds dispersed.  If you want your funds immediately transferred to your business bank account, NxPay® can automatically sweep your account as soon as the funds are received.  Or maybe you would prefer to have NxPay® reconcile the funds that have been received, with your website accounting system, prior to the distributions of your funds.  It’s your choice. NxPay® can even collect your funds in one currency and disperse them in another currency!

NxSystems™  E-Commerce Solutions

NxPay® Payment Platform the power of Electronic Payments and the Global financial Network
Business Solutions manage global business expenditures
Pay Any Card™ deposit funds, in any currency, on any MasterCard or Visa® credit card, debit card or prepaid debit card, anywhere in the world
Direct Marketing global commission solutions for MLM or Direct Marketing Companies
Prepaid Debit Cards domestic, international and electronic Discover®, MasterCard® & Visa® cards

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