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Direct Marketing Electronically transfer funds to your sales agents … anywhere in the world … in seconds

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With your independent sales force scattered all over the country (and maybe the world), generating and paying commissions to your sales force is an expensive proposition for your company.  With the NxPay® Payment Platform and a Direct Marketing Prepaid Debit Card, NxSystems™ can save your company thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of dollars by automating the payroll / commission process and electronically transferring those funds to your sales agents . . . in seconds (regardless of where they are located).  Once your sales representative has received their funds, they can either transfer (EFT) their funds into their personal or business checking account, or use their Direct Marketing Prepaid Debit Card to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Here’s How it Works For You

Your company establishes an NxPay® account whereby you deposit your payroll / commissions funds (by check, wire transfer or ACH).  Then each of your independent representatives establishes an NxPay® account as well.  Once all of the accounts have been set-up, your company creates a spreadsheet (within your NxPay® account) that tells NxPay® how you want to distribute the funds deposited.  So, for example, if you have on representative that lives on the west coast (and is going to receive $100.00), and another representative that lives on the east coast (and is going to receive $1,500.00), once you have created your spreadsheet, with a click of the mouse, both the east coast representative and the west coast representative will receive their payroll / commission funds at the same time . . . within seconds of that mouse click.  Your company generates a report that includes the amount of funds put into the NxPay® systems, the amount and account numbers of where the funds were distributed and a receipt when the funds were received.

NxSystems™ Saves You Money

NxSystems™ and NxPay® eliminate costly paper checks and/or expensive wire or ACH transfers (to each representative). The funds arrive, to those scheduled to be paid, within seconds of a mouse click making your sales force happy and eager to generate more sales for your company.

Benefits: Reduce check writing (handling) expenses
Eliminate costly wire transfers
NxPay® offers batch file options
NxPay® reporting system (view transactions, check account balances)
Funds are good funds when received (can be used immediately, no waiting period)
Agents can transfer funds received electronically to personal bank account
24 hour access to funds

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