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The Payments Industry Continues its Transition From a Paper-Based System to an Electronic One

— 2010 Afp Electronic Payments Survey

Since 2001, the world of electronic payments has been in a constant change of transformation.  New banking laws have been established to stop money laundering for terrorist activities, forcing an evolution in electronic payments unlike any the industry has ever experienced before.  Banks all over the world have had to change the method in which they accept and deliver electronic money.  New government regulations require that all electronic payments be monitored on a transaction-by-transaction basis; providing the respective government agencies with any information required.

NxSystems™ Global Payment Solutions is your connection to the worldwide electronic payments network. Through NxSystems™ comprehensive network of partners, NxSystems™ offers a diverse suite of eCommerce services to address the new standards in electronic payments and to meet the needs of your business.

The following comprehensive set of solutions allow our customers to take full benefit of the new revenue streams created by ecommerce, while controlling cost, complexity and compliance issues.

eCommerce Services global solutions for selling products and services
NxPay® Payment Platform global conduit to the world of electronic payments
NxPos™ Point-Of Sale web-based point-of sale system – manages prepaid debit and reward cards
Pay Any Card™ deposit funds in any currency, on any MasterCard or Visa® credit card, debit card or prepaid debit card, anywhere in the world.
Prepaid Debit Cards domestic, international and electronic Discover®, Mastercard® & Visa® cards
Business Solutions control travel expenses, procurement expenses and payroll & commission costs
Direct Marketing global commission solutions for MLM or direct marketing companies
Loyalty, Reward & Gift virtual paper or plastic solutions for loyalty,reward or gift programs
Buy Here pay Here in-house financing solutions
Maritime global payroll solutions for the travel cruise industry
Aviation airline-voucher, crew expense & payroll
Student Solutions control educational costs, provide financial security, for students
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