Prepaid Debit Cards / Stored Value Cards

Prepaid Debit Cards NxSystems™ offers both domestic & international prepaid debit cards
Prepaid debit cards remain the fastest-growing payment devices

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Unlike credit cards, prepaid debit cards are cash cards, putting businesses in control by cutting their processing, distribution and administrative costs.

Couple NxSystems™ prepaid debit cards with the following programs and your business will enjoy the benefits of the NxSystems™ Global Payment Network:

Business Solutions control travel expenses, procurement expenses and payroll & commission costs
Direct Marketing global commission solutions for MLM or direct marketing companies
Loyalty, Reward & Gift virtual paper or plastic solutions for loyalty,reward or gift programs
Buy Here pay Here in-house financing solutions
Cruise Ship Payroll global payroll solutions for the travel cruise industry
Student Solutions control educational costs, provide financial security, for students

The following comprehensive set of solutions allow our customers to take full benefit of the new revenue streams created by ecommerce, while controlling cost, complexity and compliance issues.

Traditional payment methods for online transactions and remote per-project workers are costly and cumbersome.  Paper checks get lost or stolen and overseas banks often hold fund for up to 30 days and charge high foreign currency exchange rates.  In addition, wire transfers are costly and lock recipients into costly bank fees.

NxSystems™ prepaid debit cards can be loaded locally with multi-currency funds, allowing the user to access these funds in the currency of their choice anywhere in the world.  These prepaid debit cards can be issued in Open Loop, Closed Loop, reloadable or as a one-time usage card.

NxSystems™ offers a vast selection of both domestic and international prepaid debit cards. Choose from instant issue, electronic, atm & signature cards

Visa® Prepaid Debit Card
MasterCard® Prepaid Debit Card
Discover® Prepaid Debit Card
Discover® Gift Card
ATM Gift Card
Student Card

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