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voucher Card
NxSystems™ Voucher Cards provide airlines with an easy to use ‘instant issue’ cash voucher that can be provided to travelers for their personal use.  Voucher Cards can be used at airports, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, or any place that the MasterCard® or Visa® logos are accepted. Your customers will love the NxSystems™ ‘instant issue’ Voucher Cards!
Crew Card
NxSystems™ Crew Cards provide airlines with a simple method of issuing per diem funds to airline crew employees.  Funds can be allocated and managed on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, allowing airline crew members the ability to spend their per diem funds anywhere the MasterCard® or Visa® logos are displayed.
Payroll Card
The Airline Payroll Card is an International ‘instant issue’ MasterCard® or Visa® prepaid debit card.  Because the recipient is already an employee, the ‘instant issue’ feature has minimal ‘know your customer’ requirements.  In addition, the Airline Payroll Card is both a signature and PIN/debit card, making the Airline Payroll Card easy to use anywhere the MasterCard® or Visa® logos are displayed.

With the Airline Payroll Card, you can make payroll direct deposits in over 50 different currencies. Once the payroll funds have been transferred (deposited) to the Airline Payroll Card, your employees will have access to their payroll within 24-48 hours of that transfer. The employee paystub is delivered electronically.

For those employees that wish to deposit their payroll funds directly into their home bank account, NxSystems™ gives your employees two options :

  • Deposit all of your payroll funds into your home bank account; or
  • Deposit part of your payroll funds into your home bank account and the balance onto your Airline Card.
  • Seamless integration
  • Automated processing
  • Streamlined payroll preparation
  • Manages employee payroll records
  • Standardized payroll dates
  • Creates electronic paystub
  • Manages multiple electronic currencies
  • International direct bank transfers
  • Domestic & International MasterCard® ,Visa® and ATM prepaid debit cards
  • Instant Issue or personalized prepaid debit cards
  • Prepaid debits cards offer (i) magnetic stripe, (ii) EMV chip, or (iii) RFID cards

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