Maritime-Cruise Ship Payroll

Cruise Ship Payroll Card

Managing human resources effectively is vital to the success of any cruise operation


cruise ship companies employ personnel from all over the world

The Cruise Industry employs onboard staff from all over the world. Cruise Ship employees need immediate access to their payroll funds to pay for onboard goods and services, as well as the ability to send money back to their home country. NxSystems™ has created three unique Cruise Industry Payroll Programs that address these employee needs.


NxSystems™ Offers Three unique Payroll Options
an International Mastercard® or Visa® debit card
employee payroll direct deposit
payroll funds delivery service
1. Cruize card

CruizeCard is an International ‘instant issue’ MasterCard® or Visa® prepaid debit card. Because the receiptant is already an employee, the ‘instant issue’ feature has minimal ‘know your customer’ requirements.  In addition, CruizeCard is both a signature and PIN/debit card, making the CruizeCard easy to use anywhere the MasterCard® or Visa® logos are displayed.

With CruizeCard, you can make payroll direct deposits in 85 different currencies. Once the payroll funds have been transferred (deposited) to the CruizeCard, your employees will have access to their payroll within 24-48 hours of that transfer.  The employee paystub is delivered electronically.

Cruize card - open & closed Loop Technology

CruizeCard allows both ‘open loop’ and ‘closed loop’ functionality.  Here’s what that means to you and your employees:

  • Open Loop – allows the cardholder to use the CruizeCard anywhere in the world where MasterCard® and Visa® cards are accepted.
  • Closed Loop – allows the cardholder to use the CruizeCard for onboard expenses (utilizing the Cruise Ship onboard point of sale system).

With the CruizeCard Open & Closed Loop Technology, a ‘one stop’ employee beneift has been created.  No longer will you have to create paper payroll checks, with payroll cashing stations.  Payroll funds are deposited directly onto the CruizeCard, which gives the employee instant access to their funds, as well as the ability to spend those funds anywhere they choose to.

2. Cruize pay

For those employees that wish to deposit their payroll funds directly into their home bank account, CruizePay gives your employees two options:

  • Deposit all of your payroll funds into your home bank account; or
  • Deposit part of you paryoll funds into your home bank account and the balance onto your CruizeCard (for employee onboard / onshore expenses).

With CruizePay, your employee has the best payroll service available.  Your employee can keep part of their payroll for onboard / onshore expenses, while sending the balance of their payroll funds to a specific bank in over 70 different countries.  The funds deposited onto the CruizeCard can be in one currency, while (in most cases) the balance of their funds can be depositied in the currency of their home country.

3. Cruize Cash

A third option that you can offer your employees is CruizeCash, a courier service that delivers cash to your employee’s home door.  For those employees that don’t have access to local banking services in their home country, CruizeCash solves this problem by delivering their payroll funds, in (most cases) their local currency, to their home address (or anywhere else they want the funds sent to).

With the NxSystems™ cruize program, you can also:
  • Deposit part of your payroll funds into your home bank account (CruizePay);
  • Cash courier part of your payroll funds to employee’s home (CruizeCash); and
  • Deposit the remaining funds on your prepaid debit card (CruizeCard)
THE NxSystems™ cruize program offers:
  • Seamless integration
  • Automated processing
  • Streamlined payroll preparation
  • Manages employee payroll records
  • Standardized payroll dates
  • Creates electronic paystub
  • Manages multiple electronic currencies
  • International direct bank transfers
  • Domestic & International MasterCard® ,Visa® and ATM prepaid debit cards
  • Instant Issue or personalized prepaid debit cards
  • Prepaid debits cards offer (i) magnetic stripe, (ii) EMV chip, or (iii) RFID cards


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