Corporate Information

NxSystems™, Inc. is an Oregon based Global Payment Solutions Company. Providing electronic payment services in over 100 countries, NxSystems™ proprietary NxPay® Payment Platform offers 24/7/365 worldwide access to eBanking, ePayment and eCommerce services, including multi-currency options (over 50 currency options in over 70 countries).

At the heart of our success is NxSystems™ ability to provide our customers with the utmost convenience and service.  With over nine years of industry experience, we have earned a reputation as a steadfast provider of electronic payment services. Since our inception, we have processed millions of secure transactions, while offering immediate global web access to real-time transactional data.  Our NxPay® technology allows any company, from any global location, to immediately send and verify payment transactions with the simple stroke of a keyboard key.

Our mission is to provide secure Global Payment Solutions to individuals and businesses, while pursing innovative technology that enhances and improves our worldwide electronic payment solutions.  NxSystems™ will remain to be innovative and to provide unequivocal programs and services to our increasing lineup of clients.

NxSystems™ has developed Domestic and International Banking Solutions, offering prepaid debit cards, electronic prepaid debit cards and virtual prepaid debit cards through the MasterCard®, Visa® and Discover® networks.  These branded stored value cards are available in both ATM Cards and Signature Based Cards.

With our NxPay® Global Payment Platform (e-Wallet), NxSystems™ has opened up the door to international multi-currency electronic payments in a safe, secure and private environment.  NxPay® allows users to electronically send money from anywhere in the world - to any location in the world, with the push of a computer key.  In addition, NxPay® links pre-paid debit cards (stored value cards) to its payment platform, creating a most innovative and comprehensive web-enabled solution for businesses. Real-time transactional information can be managed from virtually anywhere in the world.

With NxPay® and an API (application programming interface), NxSystems™ can seamlessly connect your web site to the NxPay® Global Payment Platform, allowing your customers to purchase goods and services on your web site, using either a credit or debit card, and having the payment funds electronically deposited in your banking account . . . in seconds!

NxSystems™ is uniquely positioned for the rapid growth of the eBanking, ePayment and eCommerce components of the electronic payment industry. NxSystems™ customers enjoy value added services from a company that has built a solid reputation for delivering excellent products and services. Look for us to continue to provide innovative services and programs and to move in intriguing directions. We believe our business and information technology expertise; coupled with the powerful capabilities of our NxPay® Payment Platform software, will benefit a broad array of companies.

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