Loyalty / Reward / Gift

Loyalty Reward Gift Cards Keep your customers by Rewarding them with Loyalty incentives
Join the ever increasing customer reward bandwagon

Your customers are gold.  Without them, your business would be just another store front or website.

Promoting your business to bring in new customers, without losing your existing customers, is a marketing challenge.

Today an ever increasing number of retailers are offering Loyalty Programs to their customers; providing these customers with incentive benefits that reward them for doing business with you!

Loyalty or Reward?

Loyalty and Reward programs have two distinct and different marketing objectives.  Both programs, however, are designed to create loyal buying behavior.

  • Loyalty Programs can give your customer’s instant gratification at the cash register (by presenting a Loyalty Card).
  • Reward Programs can allow your customers to earn (over a specific period of time) “Points” or “Cash” that accumulate on a Reward Card (which is generally dependent on how much your customer spends with your business).
We can create a custom loyalty or reward program for you.

NxSystems™ can help your business increase your customer loyalty by developing a customer Loyalty or Reward Program for your business.  Tell us what your objectives / goals are for customer retention and we will create a unique custom program that will assist you in meeting those objectives / goals.  We provide the ideas and the technology that will assist your business in maintaining loyal customers.

Secure Profits With a Gift Card Program

Gift Cards are a plastic form of gift certificates.  Your customers can purchase Gift Cards, for a specific dollar amount (that can only be spent at your business).  By offering Gift Cards, you are providing your customer with the opportunity to give a gift to a family member, friend or loved one, that tells the gift recipient that your customer values the products or services your business offers.  At the same time, your customer is providing your business with pre-earned profit dollars.

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