NxPOS™ Point of Sale

NxPos Point of Sale NxPos™ allows users to deposit, remove and manage prepaid debit card funds

NxPos™ is a web-based point-of-sale system

NxPOS™ has unique features that allow merchants to issue, activate and manage prepaid debit cards in either an open or closed loop environment. Merchant can deposit funds, remove funds (in multiple government-issued currencies), check current balances and review prepaid card transactional history. In addition, merchants can manage reward card programs.

Merchants looking to issue refunds, store credits or reward incentives to their customers, will enjoy the benefits of the NxPOS™ web-based point-of-sale system. By issuing their customers with an instant prepaid debit card, Merchants can load funds to these customer cards as well as receive payment for goods and services. If the merchant choose to issue reward points instead of cash, NxPOS™ can manage the reward program for the merchant

Nxpos™ Features
Activate prepaid debit cards
Deposit funds to prepaid debit cards
Transfer funds from one prepaid debit card to another prepaid depit card
Receive payment from prepaid debit cards
Review prepaid debit card transactional history
Manage reward card programs

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