Student / Education Solutions

Student Solutions Card

Students can receive safe and secure electronic payments for tuition, books, supplies, food, spending money



NxSystems™ offers schools, community colleges, universities, educational facilities and parents an effective and cost saving way to send and manage funds to students while pursing their education.   With the Student Expense Card, students now have a safe and secure means to pay for their tuition, purchase book, supplies, food and for spending money.

Student Expense Cards are branded prepaid debit cards that can be used anywhere the branded logo is displayed (stores, restaurants, ATM’s).  Parents can electronically direct deposit a specific amount of money to their child’s prepaid debit card, in real-time.  Once deposited to the card, the student can only spend the amount of money deposited to the card, thereby insuring that they are not spending more than the allowance given them.  Because the funds are on the prepaid debit card, students don’t have to carry cash (keeping the funds in a safe environment) and the predetermined budget educates students to budget their money.

Student Benefits: Electronically receive student allowance
Student lears to budget allowance
Eliminates the need for student to carry cash
Funds can be used anywhere the branded logo is displayed
Student can get cash from ATM’s
Parent Benefits: Control educational expenses
Flexible deposit capabilities (daily, weekly, monthly)
Can review Student Expense Card transactions online (real-time)
Make automatic car payments
Establish good credit by making car payments on time

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