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Buy Here Pay Here Card

NxSystems™ can automate your account receivable & deliver your account payments electronically


Your business sells cars and offers in-house financing.  Chances are, your customer does not have a bank account and has to make their car payment ‘in cash’ (after they have received their payroll income). Some of the time your customer makes their payment on time; other times they do not.  Therefore your business has to have a collection department to make sure that delinquent payments are made.

With NxSystems™, you can automate the payment process and receive your account receivable payments electronically, and on time.

By issuing your customer an Instant Issue – Buy Here Pay Here Prepaid Debit Card, your customer can now establish a payroll direct deposit relationship with their employer.  Payroll funds are electronically deposited to the employee’s Buy Here Pay Here Prepaid Debit Card and the car payment, do to your company, is automatically deducted from your customers prepaid debit card account and electronically deposited in your business account.

benefits to your business and to your customers
Company Benefits: Increase daily, monthly, quarter, annual cash flow
Receive car payments electronically - automatically
Schedule monthly payments (weekly, monthly)
Car Payment funds received are always good funds
Eliminate costly collection process
Customer Benefits: Receive a branded Prepaid Debit Card (no credit required)
Deposit payroll directly onto Prepaid Debit Card account
Prepaid Debit Card is good anywhere the brand logo is displayed
(stores, gas stations, ATM’s)
Make automatic car payments
Establish good credit by making car payments on time

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