NxSystems™ Announces NxPOS™ Web-Based Point-Of-Sale System

Portland, Oregon, January 24, 2020 - -
NxSystems™, Inc. a leading provider of Global Payment Solutions, announced today it has launched its NxPOS™ web-based point-of-sale system.  NxPOS™ has unique features that allow merchants to issue, activate and manage prepaid debit cards, including: depositing or removing funds in multiple government-issued currencies; checking current balances; reviewing transactional history; and managing reward card programs.

With NxPOS™, merchants can instantly issue an open or closed loop prepaid debit card to their customers, including the activation and the deposit of funds to the card.  Customers can check their prepaid debit card account balances online by logging into the NxPay® Payment Platform, or they can ask the merchant to check their balance (at the merchants store, using the NxPOS™ system).

Merchants (online or brick and mortar) looking to issue refunds, store credits or reward incentives, can apply these credits directly to the customers prepaid debit card.  In a closed loop environment, customers can only use their store credits at the merchants store(s).

With NxPOS™, merchants can:

  • Activate prepaid debit cards
  • Deposit funds to prepaid debit cards
  • Receive payment from prepaid debit cards
  • Review prepaid debit card transactional history
  • Manage reward card programs

Tim Young, NxSystems™ National Sales Manager, stated “with the NxPOS™ web-based point-of-sale system, NxSystems™ now offers additional online resources whereby merchant customers now have an additional and viable method of paying for goods and services, and merchants have a new marketing tool for increasing their store revenues and profits”.

About NxSystems™
NxSystems™ - a leading provider of Global Payment Solutions - offers organizations of every size, and across every industry and geography, a comprehensive suite of innovative electronic payment products that access the global financial network.  From payroll and commissions, personal and business travel expenses, procurement, voucher, loyalty, gift and incentive programs, student rewards, consumer rebates, airline and travel provider vouchers and buy here pay here financing, to split-tender and multi-currency payment options, the NxPay® payment platform provides a real-time web-enabled electronic payment software solution for consumers, merchants, independent sales organizations (ISOs), airline and travel providers and multi-national companies located throughout the world. NxSystems™ has banking relationships in 78 countries utilizing 52 different currencies and offers Split-Tender Transactions, Pay Any Card™, NxPOS™  and Multi-Currency Transactions. For more information about NxSystems™ array of global payment solutions, visit www.nxsystemsinc.com or call 503-513-9900.

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